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Metro Copier Frequently Asked Questions

Even though you’ve probably used a printer or copier hundreds or thousands of times in your life, you’ll still likely have questions regarding which type of machine is right for your business, or how to properly dispose of your old machine.Metro Copier Service, Inc - Frequently Asked Questions We have more than 40 years of combined experience in the office equipment industry and are happy to answer any question you may have.

DID YOU KNOW? Chester Carlson invested the first copying machine in 1938, but the first commercial copier, the Xerox 914, didn’t hit the market until 1959. The huge copier weighed nearly 650 pounds and was about the size of two washing machines.

What kind of copier is right for me?

Your volume and whether you need color or just black and white copies for your business, is an important part in determining which copier is right for you. Each copier model is designed to fit a unique printing and copying volume. From here we can move forward to help you select the right equipment for you business.

Which Maintenance Agreement is right for me?

Maintenance Contracts usually become a preference to each individual customer. Some prefer to get their supplies online and select a basic Contract to save money, while others want everything included. Let us help you in selecting the Agreement that works for you.

How can I replace my old copier?

Our primary goal is to offer our customers the highest quality copying and printing equipment. Customers can either outright purchase or lease a new or refurbished copier from Metro Copier Service, Inc. When you purchase a newer copier from Metro Copier Service, Inc. we will remove your old copier and recycle it.

Can I lease a copier?

We provide leasing for 24 months, 36 months, 39 months, 48 months, 60 months, and 63 months. Our leases are hassle free, 30 day-notice and month to month renewal only. Fair Market Value and $1.00 Purchase Option are available.

How are pre-owned copiers refurbished before being re-sold?

Prior to ever being sold, each Canon is meticulously gone through, and thoroughly tested. Metro Copier Service, Inc. will replace any and all parts that are worn before we will ever deliver a machine. We offer a 90-day or 20,000 copies (whichever comes first) warranty. If your newly purchased machine has a problem, WE WILL FIX IT!

What happens if I have an emergency with my copier?

With the help of our professional phone support and our qualified service technicians, we will be on-site within four hours to determine how to get your printer or copier running at peak performance in the shortest time possible.

How long have you been in business?

Metro Copier Service, Inc. has been in business since before 1986. We have been serving the Denver Metro area for over 32 years. We also are accredited by the Denver/Boulder Better Business Bureau.

What should I do with my old copier?

If your equipment is old and not working it needs to be recycled. We can help you find a place to take your equipment or have it picked up. Some customers want to donate their equipment, but, we suggest only if that equipment is still working and in fairly good condition. It’s just not a good idea to donate a problem machine to a nonprofit organization. After all, they need help, not problems!