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Metro Copier Service, Inc. has been providing Denver-area business with quality copiers, printers, and service since 1986. During that time, we have also been providing Canon, and now Lexmark, products and suplies, including toner and toner waste containers. When ordering from Metro Copier, printer and copier supplies are delivered via UPS and if you are within the Denver area, items are usually delivered the next day, at no additional cost. To order new or replacement Canon or Lexmark printer & copier supplies, give us a call at (303) 307-1494 or email

Today, toner and toner waste containers are highly customized to fit their specified machine. For example, you can not order a Lexmark waste container for a Canon copier or printer. In order for you to get the proper performance out of your toner, and your machine, please have your printer model number or cartridge number ready when you call. By using genuine Canon or Lexmark parts you can enhance the quality and performance of your equipment, leading to longer life, higher yields, higher quality output, and less jamming.

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We Provide Toner & Waste Toner Containers for the following Canon Multifunction Copiers
We Provide Toner for the following Canon Laser Jet Printers
We Provide Toner & Waste Toner Containers for the following Lexmark Copiers & Printers
Lexmark M1145
Lexmark M3150
Lexmark M5155
Lexmark M5163
Lexmark M5170
Lexmark XM1145
Lexmark XM3150
Lexmark XM5163
Lexmark XM5170
Lexmark XM5263
Lexmark XM5270
Lexmark XM7155
Lexmark XM7163
Lexmark XM7170
Lexmark XM7263
Lexmark XM7270
Lexmark XM9145
Lexmark XM9155
Lexmark XM9165
Lexmark C4150
Lexmark C6160
Lexmark XC2132
Lexmark XC4140
Lexmark XC4150
Lexmark XC6152
Lexmark XC8160
Lexmark XC9235
Lexmark XC9245
Lexmark XC9255
Lexmark XC9265